TP-Link Archer C6U Router with WiFi Management and Parental Control – Smart Home Gamgee Router + App (9507343294666)

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Experience Wi-Fi in a unique way with Gamgee’s smart home router. Manage your network though the accompanying App. Take advantage of our sophisticated services and enjoy a powerful internet performance. Simply connect the router to your existing home network using the App. Gamgee is distinguished by a unique combination of many functionalities, good service and protection of your home network. Because at Gamgee, user-friendliness and privacy of the user always come first.
At Gamgee, we want everyone to enjoy their Wi-Fi network in an easy and carefree way. The unique App gives you the ability to manage devices and users. For example, you can indicate that you want to receive notifications as soon as a user or device logs into your network, or if the connection is lost. It’s nice to know who is using your network and that your security system still has a good connection. We offer the possibility to easily view your own data consumption and that of your family. Pause the Internet connection temporarily for a specific device, or all of your family members at once. Because although it is great to always be connected, it is sometimes good to be able to really take time for your family.
Unique advantages of this product
Suitable for any wireless home network
Receive a new TP-Link Archer C6U router with Gamgee firmware
Manage your Wi-Fi network though the free Gamgee App (iOS and Android)
Simply connect the router step-by-step to your existing network
Create users and pair devices
Block unwanted internet content for children
Pause devices and users to temporarily disconnect from the Internet
Easily set fixed times when internet access is not possible
Receive a notification when an unknown device connects
Receive a notification as soon as preset devices log in or out
Manage smart home devices centrally though the App
Protect the network against malicious websites
Gain insight into your network performance and data usage
Find places in your house with a weak signal using Augmented Reality
Give guests quick access to the network with a QR code
Change password and network name (SSID) though the App
Simply restart the router
Determine what you do and do not want to receive notifications for
Manage your privacy settings yourself
Experience powerful Wi-Fi performance for all connected devices
Stay up to date with regular upgrades for router firmware and App
Use the free fast service though the App
Gamgee offers 1 year of warranty
We have put together a package for you containing all the necessary equipment to install Gamgee. After you have received the package and downloaded the Gamgee App, the App will show you step-by-step how to easily connect your new router to your existing network. Super simple and you are ready in a few minutes.
The Gamgee App can be downloaded from the Apple App Store or Google Play and can be used on both iPhone and Android.
App Compatibility: TP-Link Archer C6U router.
Use of the Gamgee App and associated unique functionalities and service is only possible in combination with a TP-Link Archer C6U router. Already have a TP-Link Archer C6U? Download the App and install our solution on your own device. (EAN: 9507343294666)





TP-Link Archer C6U Router with Wi-Fi Management and Parental Control - Smart Home Gamgee Router + App (9507343294666)TP-Link Archer C6U Router with WiFi Management and Parental Control – Smart Home Gamgee Router + App (9507343294666)
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